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Brillante Viernes- February 8, 2013

Happy Friday!  This week has been full of special schedules, so everything has seemed a little wacky.  Here are some of my favorite ideas from the internet this week.

Get these car wash mitts form the dollar store –  kids use them to clean the whiteboards and they think they are the greatest things ever! One per table?

1.  I have been using this idea from the beginning of the year.  I love using whiteboards, and I would always have to have a student get paper towels for erasers.  I invested a dollar in cloths from Staples.  They are much easier to use, and they are greener.

Great conversational prompt for the Oscars - Imagine the possibilities!

2.  I saw this infographic in Spanish the other day.  This would be an excellent warm-up activity the Friday before the Oscars.  Students could predict the winners in different categories.

3.  I have been using the Chaos game for two years now.  I typically ask students questions in Spanish and once they answer the question correctly, they roll the die to see how many points they receive for each question.  I spread the questions throughout the room, so the students move more as well.

4.  I am reading about authentic resources everywhere.  I am also incorporating them in my assessments.  Last week, I put a selection of an authentic resource on my test.  The students had to answer questions in English.  I took this idea from the Integrated Personal Assessment from ACTFL.  I get many of my authentic resources from this wiki.  It is truly fabulous!  You can always recycle authentic resources in upper levels and ask more specific questions.

Vocabulary foldables

5.  I like to use different vocabulary practices.  I have been using this foldable all year.


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