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Brillante Viernes: February 1, 2013

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It is already February!  We have had many early dismissals and late starts, so January has gone by quickly.  I am ready for warmer weather though.  Every morning I stare longingly at my spring dresses!

This Friday, I decided to post more technology based resources.  I love utilizing technology well, and my school has recently gone one to one.  It is important that the students use the computers they have to bring to every class.

1) On one of my late starts, I discovered the blog, Class Tech Tips.  It has a lot of great information including the idea of using an iPad as a document camera.  You could take a picture of a student’s work then project it.  I have my iPad, and I know that many teachers just have one iPad for the whole class.  This would be fabulous for them.

2) Zachary Jones is well-known among Spanish teachers.  I have always wanted to use his activity “Vamos al cine.”  We are starting on our town unit, and Friday is always the perfect day to plan a movie trip.  Students have to use Google Maps to look at the movie theater and surrounding restaurants.  They also have to convert the currency.

3) I pinned this post in the summer, and of course, I forgot to use it for back to school night!  It will be on my list of things to do next year.  You can get a QR code with your contact information to display.

4) I posted about my students creating fake text messages.  I also found a way for students to send fake Twitter messages.  This would be an excellent activity with vocabulary words, or it would be useful for a post reading activity.

5) Finally, this website lists a ton of technology tasks for the FL classroom.  This week, I want to try #3 (Use Voxopop) and #48 (Xtranormal videos).  #34 (Fling the teacher) looks pretty fabulous too.

If you would like more links, you can follow my technology Pinterest page.


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