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Movie Talks

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I read about movie talks with Martina Bex. (  I had a “typical” worksheet to watch Julieta Venegas’ “Limon y Sal.”  My students were going to watch the video and number the scenes as they saw them.  However, I threw it out and decided to just pause the video and ask questions.  I asked questions about what was happening.  I also added in personalized questions.  In one scene, the main character is cooking a rather large fish.  We discussed who liked fish.

I had only allotted a few minutes because the original activity was shorter.  However, next time, I will definitely allow more time for these discussions.  I could have also allowed students to discuss certain questions at our table, and then we could have discussed them as a class.

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2 thoughts on “Movie Talks

  1. I really liked the video! The song is about loving someone for who they are. The video is in black and white. The premise is that a girl falls in love with a wolf, but he turns into a man by the full moon. She sees him as a man and faints. Then she has a dream with dancing pigs and other fantasy type things. Finally, she wakes up, and she is with the wolf again, so she is happy. It is a little strange, but you can talk about a lot of things!

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