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El Día de San Valentín


I have always been a huge fan of the Brach’s conversation hearts.  Yellow is my favorite, but I have always been a fan of artificially flavored banana.  My mother found the candy hearts in SPANISH at Target!  Each year, I try to pick some up for my students.  I must say kudos to Brach’s for putting them in large bags this year instead of small boxes.  I couldn’t decide how to incorporate them into my lesson though and normally ended up just giving some to the students who liked them.

I saw a similar idea on the website Creative Language Class.  This year, I got enough to give five to each student.  I am going to have each student write a story or conversation in Spanish using the candy hearts that they receive.  Some of them do have interesting “text-speak.”  I found this explanation online:

UFA – ¡ufa! expresión de descontento (de Argentina)
SRT – suerte (luck)
AHHA – jaja (laughing)
GRRR – grrr (growling)
BSS – besos (kisses)

¡Besos! ❤


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