Brillante Viernes- January 25, 2013

Happy Friday!  Four day weeks always make Friday seem to come earlier.  Here are some things that I love around the internet:

Antes y ahora

1.  This meme!  I found this the other day, and it made my quiz this Friday.  (See this post for more information.)

2.  This blog post is excellent about how to incorporate magazines in the class.  I think that many of the ideas can be transferred to a beginning level class.  My favorite is “Where would you find information on…?”

3.  This is another blog post. It uses the verb jugar in a more authentic and communicative manner.  I am starting this with my class next week.

4.  I love #langchat.  I get many ideas from this weekly Twitter chat.  The topic this past week was about how much teachers use textbooks.  You can find all of the archives here.  The textbook chat has not been summarized yet, but it was very interesting.

5.  Curly Girl makes me smile.  I have the calendar next to my desk, and I have two prints in my home.  I love this print that I found on her blog.

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