Brillante Viernes- January 18, 2013

On some of my favorite blogs, they post their favorite things that they have found around the web in Spanish.  I thought that I would do the same thing because there are so many wonderful ideas that other teachers share.  Please visit their blogs for even more ideas!

Estrategias para ampliar tu vocabulario en español.

1.  I found this via Pinterest.  It is a way to expand your vocabulary in Spanish.  This specific glogster is for more advanced students, but I am sure that you could simplify it for lower levels.  I think this would be perfect when students are reading a novel.

Desayunos del mundo.

2.  I also found this via Pinterest.  This website lists different breakfasts throughout the world and describes them in Spanish.  It makes me crave the magdalenas and cafe con leche from Valencia!

Teaching Today:   This is such a simple idea I found online, but it is helping me keep my paperwork organized! I’m constantly making lists of what to do, and this helps me collect my thoughts in one place.  I may create another one for things to do at home because it is SO HELPFUL.

3.  This is my last favorite from Pinterest.  (I do love Pinterest!)  I found this picture of an organizer.  I am constantly trying to stay on top of everything as we as teachers are pulled in so many directions.  I think that it organizes your ideas easily.  This tumblr has some other wonderful ideas, too.


4.  Creative Language Class is one of my favorite websites!  I started my class with questions today, and I think that this would be an excellent  way to get my students moving.  As my school has longer classes next year, it will be a perfect brain break while still staying in the target language.  Read their blog for a complete explanation.


5.  Martina Bex also has a fabulous website that I frequently consult.  She posted the idea of a Movie Talk that I used today.  I will blog about this later, but I was really pleased with the results!

Happy Friday!  I hope that you can get some new ideas for next week!

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