Blended Learning in my class/using technology in the class

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My school initiated a blended learning program.  I took two courses on it, and I felt that it would apply easily to Spanish.  Every teacher has different learners in their classroom.  For me, it is always difficult to review at the beginning of the year.  Some students need to hear all of the information, and some students just need to review bits and pieces then they get bored.  I decided to develop a blended learning module in my class.  Blended learning means that I use both technology and face-to-face instruction.

We use the learning management system Haiku.  In Haiku, I developed a series of “quizzes” to review the different topics to cover.  If a student received a 70 or higher on their quiz, they could continue to the next quiz.  If they did not receive a 70, they had to watch a video or study notes and retake the quiz.  Students could also see which questions they missed and the correct answer to those questions.  They had a final “test” that put together all of the concepts.  Once the students completed these activities, they could go to different fun activities.  I found a website where they could create fake text messages (, and  I tried to use highly engaging activities and extension activities.

Each “unit” of review only took about a day for the students to complete.  We completed some face to face activities like songs (Nota- My Girl).  If many of the students struggled on one concept, we would also review it as a full class.  The students enjoyed these days, and we were able to review faster.    I have provided a link to my class website that has some of the information.  You cannot see the quizzes, but you can ask me if you have more questions about the quizzes.

My class website

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