TodaysMeet- Preparing for exams

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I had heard about TodaysMeet ( at different conferences.  TodaysMeet is a chatroom.  You can put a link on your class website, and students can enter the room.  In class, I decided to use it in class to have students answer questions all at once.  I would pose a question in Spanish, and the students would respond to it.  I liked that some students could answer the question quickly, and others could have more time to respond.  Many students also realized if they had made a mistake and corrected it while we were working.  It also allowed everyone to answer the same questions instead of one or two students.

The night before the exam I used TodaysMeet to hold a review session virtually.  I rewarded a few extra credit points as incentive for the students.  I also allowed students to write 10 exam questions if they could not make the proposed study time.  I feel that this aspect is important because students cannot control if they have practice when I had the session.  Also, I am fortunate that most of my students do have access to the internet.  However, I am aware that some students do not have access to internet at home.

During the study session, I posed questions throughout the time and students responded in the virtual room.  They could also ask me any last-minute questions that they had.  Occasionally I missed a question, and other students would chime in by answering.  Many students enjoyed this, and they were asking to do the same thing again.  TodaysMeet is very easy to set up, and you can set it up just for an evening.  I would encourage other teachers to try this!

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