Entertaining Reading

My dog enjoys a good book

I always want my students to read more in Spanish.  However, it can be challenging to find authentic material that is interesting to them.  I came across this biography on the website superpop.es the other day: http://www.superpop.es/famosos/personajes/harry-styles  

Many of my students love Harry Styles although there are many that do not.  I included the first article along with an interview for Selena Gomez (http://www.superpop.es/famosos/personajes/selena-gomez) for those that do not love the British band One Direction.

However, I wanted my students to do more than just read the article.  I am also trying to increase my activities based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Therefore, simple comprehension questions were out for me.  I decided that the students could compare and contrast themselves with Harry or Selena.  This website (http://www.eduplace.com/graphicorganizer/spanish/) has graphic organizers in Spanish.  I printed off a Venn Diagram, and I had my warm-up.  I did hear teenage squeals of excitement when I mentioned Harry and Selena, but I did not hear one complaint about reading.  There are many biographies, so this activity could easily be repeated.

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